"Xanadu" Apart-Hotel
Location: Calpe, Spain
Area: 1500 m²
Features: Innovative metal frame, traditional construction
Client: Private client
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, Taller de Arquitectura
Date and phase: Project and construction 1966-1968

Spanish city of Calpe opens to a small bay, which is flanked, on one hand, by Peñon de Ifach rock, and on the other hand – by architectural silhouette of this rock – apart hotel “Xanadu”. This unambiguous dialogue between natural and architectural form at the same times is a dialogue between the traditional and contemporary morphology.

Apart-hotel incorporates 18 apartments, which revolve around the vertical axis of stair-lift unit and thus create the cascade composition of the volumes of building. Each apartment consists of three cubes – the social zone, the private zone and kitchen and bath block.

Some of the apartments have console of 5 meters from the general axis, what was a progressive technical solution of that time, taking into account that the whole complex was realized in brick – traditional technique for Spain. The other constructive features of the complex are its double curvature tiled roofs, which have morphology of hyperbolic paraboloid with the roof ridges on the diagonal axis of the cubes.

Traditional form of the windows contrasts to the unusual, contemporary combination of the volumes, which increase dynamically downwards. The dark-green colour was chosen for the walls as the preimage of the rock, and the white window frames with shutters appeal to the traditions of the Mediterranean white-walled  architecture.

The method of the open dialogue between the natural rock and clump, defined by the architect, turns this small project into the unique architectural gesture, allowing to classify the complex to the monuments of landscape architecture.

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