"Villa Rodona" Family Residence
Location: La Pera, Girona, Spain
Area: 1200 m²
Features: Internal finishing - polished concrete
Client: Private client
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky
Date and phase: Project and construction 1981-1983

Villa Rodona is situated near the Catalan village of La Pera, just in front of the castle of Salvador Dali in Pubol. The magic place, giving a remarkable view to Dali’s castle with the only one opening from this side - a huge window – provoked to a creative dialogue between famous architect and world-known artist. Thus was created a rounded volume with solid walls and the only one opening – a huge glass door-window, looking directly across the field to Dali’s window.

Villa Rodona is a grand monument to art, made of brick and concrete. Being a kind of theatre under the skylight, Villa Rodona at the same time represents a sophisticated combination of architecture and landscape.

The main “theatrical” component is a salon, incorporating stage and amphitheatre space, with possible isolation of these two zones by the wooden shutters. This is the core around which revolves the whole composition of the building. The “natural” landscaping component is everywhere: from two patios with orange-trees on two sides of the main volume, protected by the walls with the dramatic Egyptian staircases flanking the swimming-pool, to the greenery on the rooftops and walls, and the skylight glass roof letting the natural light to the salon.

The magnificent composition of lines, spaces and volumes, colors and materials, architectural forms, sculptures and decorations, creates a great ensemble which so organically merges with the natural surrounding landscape. The dynamics of the Egyptian staircases on the Pubol façade of the building is supported by two alleys with cypresses and poplars, running to the opposite corners of the garden.

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