Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Area: 93000 m²
Features: Municipal business and trade center. Innovative metal structure
Client: Incor-group
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky (Incor-group)
Date and phase: Conceptual design 2010

Reconstruction of the historic and architectural monument - the Russov House (built in 1897-1900) - in the central part of Odessa, Ukraine, into contemporary municipal business and trade center with the international congress-hall.

Social, cultural, trade, business and entertainment functions will incorporate within the walls of the Deribas-Hall. Another task of this multyfunctional center is to serve a "green joint" between the Gorodskoy Garden and a greenery on Sobornya Square, thus are designed the green terraces on the roofs and the glasshouse with greenery on the top of the building.

The structure counts 20 levels, 4 of them underground, where the necessary parking for 750 cars is developed.

The project proposes the creation of the third largest (along with Opera and Ballet Theatre and the giant Potyomkin staircase) large-scale architectural and monumental ensemble of Odessa.