"Venus 18" Residence
Location: Grand Paris, France
Area: 15000 m²
Features: Municipal and private housing. Cast in situ colored reinforced concrete.
Client: Private client
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, SADE
Date and phase: Project and construction 1995-1997

The Logement Francais cie engaged the services of the architect, following the completion of the Hotel de Police project in Paris, to realize an artistically value-added building incorporating 110 housing units. The project is in Villaroy, 20 km west of Paris. The two buildings that make up part of the project are located at a crossroads. The task was to mark the corners of the crossroads and to create a proportionate dialogue with the Renoult Technocentre, situated opposite to the complex. A special treatment was required for the corners. In this case, the architect chose the Venus of Milo sculpture.

As a result, 18 Venuses carry the building on their shoulders, giving an impression of movement.

Openings on the ground floor, first and second levels allow a view over the inner garden. Balconies allow residents to take advantage of the gardens and the esplanade.

In terms of the technical construction, the building was realized with architectonic concrete. Sculptures, as well as cornices, are made with resin, imitating concrete, and have the ile de France colour.