Residence Claude Levi-Strauss
Location: Grand Paris, France
Area: 9000 m²
Features: Municipal housing for 86 units. Monolith colored reinforced concrete
Client: SCIC HABITAT - Ile de France
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, SADE
Date and phase: Project and construction 2006-2009

Centre of the new city of Sarcelles was designed in 1956, after the World War II. 50 years later a new task of the renovation of the central residential district arised: partial demolition of the existing and design of the new city fabric. It was demanded to create the residential district of a new type, designed for medium and lower class.

The masterplan of the project provided formation and development of the garden-city. All inner spaces of the cortyards, according to the project, open their garden composition into the main artery - boulevard. To connect the centers of 4 quarters of the district, an intra-quarter movement was provided.

The residential district in Sarcelles, Nothern Paris, is populated by the biggest Jewish community in France. Also there live lots of Muslims and Christians. This fact determined the architectural solution which ought to reconcile the followers of three different religions. Thus Moses was chosen as a central figure of the architectural story - as the same prophet for this three religions. On Manolo Nunez' opinion, Moses is Amenophis IV in Egypt, a great reformer, the founder of the monotheism. This decision is manifested in huge sculpted heads of Amenophis IV flanking the entrances of the buildings. Also the end faces of the buildings have form of the Tablets of the Law.

Publications in Le Parisien:
Le Parisien 2009
Le Parisien 2009