College George Brassens
Location: Paris, France
Area: 16000 m²
Features: Precast colored reinforced concrete, metal fittings
Client: Municipality
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, SADE
Date and phase: Project and construction 1990-1992

Contemporary concrete building of the College George Brassens in Paris by Spanish-French architect Manuel Nunez Yanowsky is truly considered one of the world's most beautiful educational buildings. It is located in the north of Paris, in a "full reconstruction" area, near the new "Villette Park" and the old XIX century park of Buttes Chanmont. Both of these parks had been created as the centers of social life of the residential area, so the chosen location corresponds to the main idea of the College - continuity of generations.

The project sought in the middle of this area (the street around) became a vast public space. The facades on the north and on the west are deliberately urban, to support and suggest the new alignment of the planned streets.

The College has a triangular shape, whose top, oriented on the north towards the new perspective, becomes an urban landmark.

The building is a straight bar, broken at the corner. It is organized around an atrium representing a starlit, meeting place for students.

The building of College George Brassens has been precast in situ, but it also can boast precast colored reinforced concrete elements, as well as the metal fittings.

Due to is modern concrete architecture with angle-shaped volumes, College George Brassens is included in the base of the international heritage of civil engineering and also to Martin, Hervé Guide de l'architecture moderne à Paris. Guide to modern architecture in Paris, (Editions Alternatives, Paris (France), ISBN 2862272744, 2001)