"New Sebastopol" District
Location: Omega Bay, Sebastopol, USSR
Area: 600000 m²
Features: Residential district 6000 flats and social services. Precast colored reinforced concrete on French technology.
Client: YUG - RYBA
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanovsky, ARCKOMAT, TSNIIEP-dwelling
Date and phase: Project and construction 1988-1991

In 1990 Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, french company ARCOMAT and Central Research and Project Institute of Typical and Experimental Dwelling (USSR) signed an agreement in Paris on establishing a joint venture. At the end of 1991 in Sebastopol this venture built "turn-key" a panel-construction plant on French technology for production of 60.000 m2 of dwelling per year. And for YUG-RYBA - the main client of the project - the residential district of 6000 flats and social services was designed. The purpose was to create a new residential fabric corresponding with the existing historic center of Sebastopol, which was erected on the ruins of the city, demolished during the Second World War.

According to the project, the residential district revealed in the picturesque landscape of Sebastopol's Omega Bay on 600.000 m2. The project's principal axis was proposed to be named the Paris Boulevard (respecting the Boulevard de Sebastopole in Paris), which was leading to the Sea Palace - a multyfunctional congress and event-hall, surrounded by the waterside and situated in the center of the bay. The residential district provided the system of courtyads, green zone with the children gardens and schools, comfortable beaches and recreation.

After the collapse of the USSR in 1991 and archaeological excavations on the construction site, the Omega Bay residential district was built much time later, with huge changes and adjustments, made by the local ukrainian architects. The interesting fact is that the principal axis of the district - the Paris Boulevard, proposed by Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, geometrically coincides with later discovered ancient road.

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