Reconstruction of the Lyceum
Location: Khiva, Uzbekistan
Area: 7000 m²
Features: Reconstruction of Physical and Mathematical Lyceum for 420 students, new precast concrete facades and light metal structure
Client: Private Client
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, Julia Suprunovych, (NUN PTE.LTD)
Date and phase: Conceptual design 2019

The task was to create the sketch for the reconstruction of the Physical and Mathematical Lyceum in Khiva, one of the Uzbek historical and cultural centers. The existing 3-storeyed soviet structure of the Lyceum and its hostels are not suitable to place 420 students, as well as all the teacher's staff , and don't meet the requirements of the contemporary educative process, nor the requirements for living conditions. Taking into account the situation of the Lyceum in the historical center of the city, close to Ichan-Kala, its facades of the soviet epoch also demand restoration.

Our team suggested partial reconstruction of the main building of the Lyceum, and the new-built annexes for the hostels and the canteen, which form the courtyard behind the main building. Also, in respect to the Uzbek traditional architectural elements such as three-walled iwans and external galleries, we suggest a new shaded space along the main facade - the personable interactive place for communication, recreation and possible outdoor cultural programs - exhibitions, conferences, etc.

Working team: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, Julia Suprunovych, Andrey Levchenko.