Multimodal new centre of Inkerman
Location: Inkerman, Sebastopol, Crimea
Area: 3000000 m²
Features: Residential and public district, spiritual center, triple terminal and Water Plaza
Client: St. Climent friary
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, Vadim Prokopenkov, Igor Zhidkov, Julia Suprunovich
Date and phase: Design concept 2013-2015

Inkerman is situated in the estuary of the river Chernaya which flows into the Sevastopol bay of the Black Sea. The city of Sevastopol is situated on both sides of the bay, by its geographical location creating a big arch of the Sevastopol region. And the keystone of this arch is Inkerman.

Today Inkerman is a semi-abandoned former Soviet industrial zone with the world famous St.Climent friary.

The aim of the project is to discover the geo-landscaping potentials of Inkerman and to set the territorial and town-planning "keystone" of the "Sevastopol arch". Thus, in the center of this great arch there is a regional water area, which can begin its new marine life, using the sea as a unifying and functional component. The Inkerman project aims to become one of the most important multi modal platforms of the region: all means of traffic arrive to the triple terminal - railway, sea and motor-coach terminal (with the direct connection to the airport). Passengers and goods will be transported by the water to all other locations of the big Sevastopol arch, giving life to the giant bay.

The master planning idea is based on Roman "Cardo y Decumanus" scheme (regarding St. Climent, who was originally a Roman Pope) with creation of three main squares of the city - St. Andrew Square and Citadel, St. Vladimir Square (the main Water square with the underground triple terminal) and St. Climent Square, situated close to the St. Climent friary - with the hotel and recreational complex for pilgrims.

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