M. Nunez Yanowsky (left) and R. Bofill (right)

1961-1978 Manuel Nunez Yanowsky was Founder and Partner of Taller de Arquitectura in Barcelona, Spain

He was heading a multidisciplinary team, specializing in development of architectural and urban concepts in Spain, France, Algeria. The most famous projects and realizations of this period are:

- residential district "Barrio Gaudi" in Reus, Spain – the municipal housing project, based on the system of module proliferation in an urban scale, realized with in-situ concrete framework and facing with brickwork and precast elements (1964-67 г.);

- apart-hotel "Xanadu", Calpe, Spain – the individual space for a human was formulated in the geometry of a cube; the composition is based on the development of modular cubic grid along the vertical axis;

- apart-hotel "Cafca’s Castle" in Sitges, Spain – using the 3-dimentional modular system in traditional design;

- apart-hotel "Muralla Roja" in Calpe, Spain, 1968-70 – "a monument to the shot revolutions", from Californian to Prague, with bright color design and original system of the internal spaces. The composition is based on the free artistic shifting of the modules in space;

- large residential complex "Walden 7" in Barcelona, Spain –this project envisaged the concept of the "vertical city" with complicated three-dimensional development, use of reinforced concrete framework and facing with brickwork and ceramic tiles;

- Marca Hispanica, Spanish-French border – homage to Catalonia, a country, divided between France and Spain;

- "La Petite Cathedrale" project in Paris, France – original interpretation of the streets and intersections of the city as the nave and transept of a Gothic cathedral;

- competition on the centre of the city "Evry – Ville Nouvelle", France – the project was designed by Taller de Arquitectura together with the French bureau AUA. First the streets and squares of the city were formulated, as the three dimensional complex organization of all functions of the city;

- Meritxell Chapel, Andorra-la-Wella, Andorra – the innovative design of the religious building in constructive concrete, slate stone and white concrete;

- project-laureate of the competition for design of the city ensemble "Les Halles" - creation of the city garden and residential and office complex as part of the major communication hub of Paris;

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