In 1991 - 2014 Manuel Nunez Yanowsky is Director of SADE SARL, Paris, France. He is founding and heading the SADE SARL (Society of Architects and Developers), specializing in projects of territory planning and development in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development in France, Spain, Catalonia, Galicia, Russian Federation (SSSR), Argentina, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, South Korea, Belgium, Congo, Algeria.

Transferring the new French technologies in the sphere of precast reinforced concrete of new generation and creation of the new projects and joint ventures (together with France) : in France, Spain, Russian Federation. During this period Manuel Nunez Yanowsky is the first to formulate the concept of agricultural free zones and free economic zones of the complete cycle: work "Territorial Politics and arrangement of rural territories in the regions of the Atlantic Arch."

The most famous projects and realizations of this period are:

- General plan of the administrative centre of Astana, Kazakhstan;

- general plan of the new capital of Chechen-Ingush Republic, Magas city;

- residential district "Khodynka" in Moscow, Russia – residential district for 4000 flats in in-situ reinforced concrete;

- project of the urban settlement for the employees of nuclear power plant in Energodar, USSR;

- project of the quay "Carre D’or" in Moscow, Russia – residential district and trade center, luxury ensemble in front of the Kremlin;

- general plan, transferring of the technologies of the precast reinforced concrete construction for touristic complex "Villa Bolgatura" in Gurzuf, Republic of Crimea;

- Quarter "De Guise", Dijon, France – residential district in the historical center, rehabilitation of the historical monument and new construction in precast colored reinforced concrete;

- residential ensemble "Carre Jaude", Clermont-Ferrand, France – residential district in the historical centre of Clermont-Ferrand with reconstruction of the historical fabric f the city, in-situ and precast colored reinforced concrete;

- Lyceum L. Sedar Senghor, Magnanville, France – realized in precast colored reinforced concrete;

- college George Brassens, Paris, France – a unique geometry in precast colored reinforced concrete with use of the metal finishing;

- residential district "Malterias Cilnes", Buenos Aires, Argentina – renovation of the industrial territory into public and residential district;

- construction of the precast concrete plant and erection of the trade centre "Donga" in Taegu, South Korea;

- project of the multifunctional public building "Venus on the channel". Amersfoort, Holland;

- Russian spiritual and culture center in Paris, France – the project-laureate of the international competition, the concept of the temple and cultural centre within the city garden; traditions meeting the modernity;

- and others / View the List of Projects.