Spanish-French architect-urbanist, academician, Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. St. George (Barcelona), Chevalier of the Military Order of St.Lazarus of Jerusalem (Brussels).

Was born on July 20th 1942 in Samarkand, Uzbek SSR. Spent his childhood and boyhood in Odessa.

In several years after his arrival to Spain (1957, the times of fascist dictate) "Manolo", as his Barcelona friends called him, becomes  one of the key persons of the progressive left Catalan intelligentsia of the 1960s.

In 1961-65 attended School of Dramatic Art "Adria Gual" in Barcelona, Spain, department of scenography and directing. The School "Adria Gual" was the first private High School, where the teaching process was held in Catalan language, which was at that time forbidden in Spain. From 1970 to 1973 studied at the Central University of Barcelona, Faculty of Archaeology and History, specialization "Ancient Egypt".

In different periods of his work was Founder and Partner of Taller de Arquitectura, Les Atelliers du Grand Hornu, MNY, SADE. Realized more than 50 projects in more than 10 countries of the world / List of Projects.

"I’m not architect. I am a stage producer. I am alumnus of the theatre school, not architectural. And for me the architecture  is the continuation of my theatrical career, which can be quite simply determined: I try to be tragicomedian. If in theatrical culture the unit of measurement is a human, in architecture there is a metrical system of measurement. In my work, I prefer the theatrical, humane system of measurement."