In 2013 Manuel Nunez Yanowsky becomes Co-owner and General Designer of NUN PTE.LTD, concentrating his activity on large-scale projects of residential and commercial use for such countries as Ukraine, Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Peru and other countries.

His main approach is formulated in careful an well-balanced use of the natural, infrastructural, people resources, use of the renewable solar energy and "green" technologies, rearrangement of the de-function industrial zones into commercial and residential districts, development of the comfortable public spaces.

The projects of this period are:

- municipal business and trade center "Deribas Hall" in Odessa, Ukraine - project with the innovative metal structure, which forms the dome of the building; reconstruction of the historical building;

- Southern Palmira regional park in Odessa, Ukraine

- Bamiyan cultural center in Afghanistan

- contemporary art museum and plaza in Lima, Peru

- Port Imperator in Oreanda

- multimodal new centre and residential district of Inkerman

- residential district "Irkutsk Symphony", Irkutsk, Russian Federation