Prahova Praha
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Area: 106000 m²
Features: Residential complex of 1200 dwellings - New Prague Symbol (Threshold)
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, Julia Suprunovich, Andrey Levchenko, Francesc Guardia, Igor Zhidkov
Date and phase: Competition project 2018

The vertical monument dedicated to life in Prague embodies the sacred meaning of the THRESHOLD, establishing a new perception of Prague, expressed in a vertical spatial panel, as if opening the door to light and to the future of Prague.

However, this is not only a semantic visual. The vertical arrangement of the multiple living space will allow its inhabitants to have their own private courtyard, building their own composition of life within a public condominium without the deliberateness of tourists who do not accept local rules. Such a social contract will continue the civil traditions of Prague in the new format of vertical comfort.

The best views of Prague from the comfort of private apartments increase both assessment and self-esteem. Area free from the main building  is presented as a public garden, it is a cozy and quite functional space for accommodating luxury infrastructure, completing the self-sufficiency of the residential complex.

A new type of housing community (condominium or something else) creates a precedent for Prague's otherness, independent of the passions of the modern city, adding to its essence a new translation of old meanings.