Port Imperator
Location: Oreanda, Crimea
Area: 275000 m²
Features: Luxury Recreational, Sport, Business and Culture ensemble, the Sea Gate of Crimea
Client: Territorial Department of of the Republic of Crimea
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky
Date and phase: Sketch of intent, 2014

The project of Sport, Recreational, Business and Culture ensemble "Port Emperor" in Lower Oreanda, Yalta has to become the first example of luxury-class sustainable developement of the Crimean waterfront in accordance with the European standarts.

The word "port" (form Latin - portum, portus, porta) means harbar, marina, gate, etc.

The Russian emperors, beginning from Peter I, understood very well the political meaning and territorial aim of these Latin words. That's why in Russia, from the times of Peter I, starts the non-stop design and construction of port cities on the North, on the South and on the East of Russian Empire. Saint Petersburg, Odessa, Vlapostok and others are the rich examples of deep understanding of the Latin by Russian sovereigns. In Crimea the Russian sovereigns behaved correctly and competently: the Crimean port cities always had been generous gates and rigid bastions of the South of empire.

During the last hundred years the territory of the peninsula, perticularly, the Southern coast of Crimea, had been demolished by the fascist army (1941-45), the barbaric chaoic construction with the unified concrete boxes (1964-1991) and by the impudent occupation of the state reserves, forests and national parks of the unique Crimean landscape by the illegal privat authorities. Today the former imperial, and later - soviet sanatorium, the health centre of the whole Russia, became the centre of defective product of mass and middle consumption.

Creation of multymodal luxury sports-, recreational-, business- and culture complex will discover the new possibilities of proper use of the national resources in the contemporary Territorial Administration of the Republic of Crimea.

The complex includes: Port Emperor with the promenade over the water;the seaside Eagle Plaza with the rostral columns and Eagle Fontain; the underground parking with the Russian car museum; the helipad for 10 helicopters; the trade and entertainment centre "Vorontsov Arcade"; the multifunctional complex "Empress Aleksandra Fyodorovna" with 800-1000 hotel suits 6* and Show-Casino Royale; the "Crown Congress-Hall" for 2000-3000 seats; the viewing terraces with rooftop gardens "Belvedere" and the monumental sculpture promenade "Ekaterininskaya Stairway" with the sculpture of outstanding Russian personalities of all the times.