Lyceum L. Sedar Senghor
Location: Magnanville, France
Area: 23000 m²
Features: Educational building. Precast colored reinforced concrete
Client: Region Ile de France
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, SADE
Date and phase: Project and construction 1994-1996

Lyceum L. Sedar Senghor in Magnanville, by architect Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, is situated in 60 km from Paris, on the on the border of urban fabric with a flat rural landscape, fields and gardens.

Therefore, the concept of the lyceum project had to consider the flat landscape of the area and the principle of organic incorporation of the object into the environment. Despite the rather large capacity of the lyceum (about 2 thousand people), it was decided to build a flat wide building of only 3 levels height.

The main focus of this project was on the architecture of the inner space - the atrium and the streets - envisaged in the form of geometric abstract painting.

Surrounded by three-dimensional world of colors and shapes, children get a more accurate idea of space, but also receive a large portion of joy and optimism, which favorably influences the students' psyche.

The building of Lyceum with its curvilinear plan, inclined planes of walls and triangular glazed planes on rounded ends, is an example of a modern architecture, but at the same time, applied cornices and interpretation of typical rectilinear window openings reminds of the Art Deco style - soft and unobtrusive.

The plan of school is presented with two volumes - a curved study volume with accentuated central entrance is connected to the triangular volume of the hall for sports and activities. Another feature of the Lyceum is its internal three-level passage, to which the class-rooms come out from two sides. This space for interaction and communication, with colored bridges, wooden and metal trim, crosses the study unit along its entire length, filling it with the sounds and movement of a young life.