"Iwan" Building
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Area: 800000 m²
Features: Residential and office buildings with the portico (analogy to Uzbek iwan) and services in the ground floor
Client: Private Client
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, Julia Suprunovych (NUN PTE.LTD)
Date and phase: Conceptual design 2019

"Iwan" Building was designed as a part of Residential Park "Timurid Chor-Bagh" in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The concept of this residential complex is based on the planning module of the traditional Timurid garden "Chor-Bagh", in which the "Iwan" Building serves the residential surrounding framework of the whole complex, it forms the main compositional axes and surrounds each of the four gardens.

The main principles of the project of residential complex "Timurid Chor-Bagh" are:

  • - based on the traditions and cultural heritage of Uzbekistan;
  • - ecological approach, with the garden at the heart of the layout, with use of solar energy;
  • - possibility of the phased development of the territory;
  • - network of public city spaces with developed pedestrian zone, cultural center, and comfortable residential buildings, which surround and protect each garden.

"Iwan" Buildings form comfortable and multifunctional district. Perimeter development has 9 and 12 storeys above the trade and service ground floor, it surrounds and protects the gardens of the residential complex and creates the original outer silhouette.

The axial development has 5 and 7 storeys above the service and trade ground floor. Together with the central pedestrian boulevards and water channels, it forms the main compositional axes of the complex and the unforgettable perspective views to the central building of the "Crystal Mosque" ,as well as to the "Laukh" buildings. The "Iwan" buildings in the perimeter of each of four gardens have also 5 and 7 floors.

Heavy porticos with the columns in Uzbek style, large-scale two-storied cornices, which join together the buildings of different heights with the rhythmic band, high doubled windows (for duplex apartments) make the volumes of the "Iwan" buildings look expressive and majestic, setting the special scale to the living environment.

Huge advanced cornices which cover the facade colonnades are the tribute to traditional Uzbek iwans (traditional Uzbek porticos usually with the wooden columns).They give shadow to the facade, creating comfortable transitional space for meetings, leisure and communication in the terraces of cafe. The ground floor of all buildings is supposed for all types of services - kindergartens, boutiques, shops, restaurants, fitness-clubs, cleaner's, art-galleries, etc.

For the gigantic cornices of the "Iwan" Buildings we propose to use special glazing with photovoltaic modules - to give light and produce solar energy for the duplex apartments and offices behind the cornices.

On the flat operated roofs of the buildings there are terraces with trees and flowers.

Working team: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, Julia Suprunovych, Andrey Levchenko

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