Contemporary Art Museum and Plaza
Location: Lima, Peru
Area: 6500 m²
Features: New wing of Contemporary art museum and Exposition Plaza
Client: MALI
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, Julia Suprunovich
Date and phase: Conceptual design 2016

The motto of the new project of Manuel Nunez Yanowsky and Julia Suprunovich is "Red carpet to the Contemporary Art". The new wing of Contemporary Art Museum MALI in Lima (Peru) is the compound element between the biggest metro transfer station of Lima, Exposition Park (housing a dramatic school and two museums, one of them – MALI), and Juana Alarco de Dammert Park (with its two museums). According to the project task, the new building has to connect the metro station hall at the level +129, the level of the existing museum and Exposition Park, and the underground pedestrian crossing to the nearby park.  To fulfill this conditions, the new building of museum represents the huge monumental staircase, with red ceramic finishing, which descends to the metro level and underground crossing level and forms the Lower Plaza. This Lower Plaza offers the new space for the performances and art installations in the open air, and also provides a comfort link of all the museum and traffic functions in one level. The Study block, the Library and the Gallery are lit by the natural side light. Together with the Upper Plaza (the reception area and observation deck), Gran Escalinata (the new museum building – stairway), The Lower Plaza forms the MALI Plaza, which borders the old museum from the three sides and emphasizes its dominant role in the ensemble of the Exposition Park.

The new building itself is an exposition area, the majestic stairway- promenade climbing up to the sky, the amphitheater, which can be used for the concerts, festivals, cinema, light and music shows, etc.

Manuel Nunez Yanowsky and Julia Suprunovich in this project pay a lot of attention to the principles of sustainable development and design of the comfort ecological environment of the new Placas. For the Upper Placa they use the glass sheds with the incorporated photovoltaic panels (German patent). Together with the palm-trees, these sheds produce shadows and form the acoustic barrier thus protecting the park from the noisy highway. For the Lower Plaza and Grand Escalinata, the vertical green walls (patent PATRICK BLANC) and bio-concrete (patent UPC-BARCELONA ) are used to minimize the heating and improve the microclimate.