Bohemian Fractal Castle
Location: Prague, Chech Republic
Area: 106000 m²
Features: New residential complex of 1200 dwellings - New Prague Symbol
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, Julia Suprunovich, Andrey Levchenko, Francesc Guardia, Igor Zhidkov, Alexander Ivashchenko
Date and phase: Competition project 2018

The idea to create a modern medieval Bohemian castle with massive walls and towers with a moat, bridges, with a village filled with craftsmen: artisans and artists, seduced us with its fabulous Czech context.

The castle protects its inhabitants more clearly than rational Bauhaus boxes. At the same time, the castle is the center of life, which pours out when there is no danger of tourist invasion.

This cycle of city life, its inhalation and exhalation, we convey in the form of a fractal cubic model, sustained in optimal proportions of private and public space - the castle equally stores both, visually expressing it with all its appearance, fractally folding one space in another, but while leaving their personal secrets to their inhabitants.

The inner space of the castle, a huge fractal garden square, protects the perception of the inhabitants from the outside world, continuing to be part of it, staying in the endless promenade of self-contemplation of life.