Astana Administrative Center
Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
Area: 1700000 m²
Features: General plan of administrative center of the capital
Client: GenPlan Astana, "VINCI"
Author: Manuel Nunez Yanowsky, SADE
Date and phase: Project and construction 2001-2002

In 1997 President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev decides to move the capital of republic from Alma-Ata to Astana, which at the end of 90-s was not the biggest economical center of Kazakhstan. Astana was founded by Russian-Kazakh troops in 1924 as military fortification, and began to expand only in 1960-s in connection with the cultivation of the virgin lands. Becoming a capital of Kazakhstan, at the same time - the youngest capital in the world, Astana faced a problem of establishing of a new city infrastructure. So, the main master planning idea was to add a contemporary administrative center to the existing city structure.

The project of the Astana administrative center by Manuel Nunez Yanowsky was based on the main guidelines of the Kisho Kurokawa winning competition project of Astana master plan in 1998. In the project of Manuel Nunez Yanowsky the principal axis of the Astana administrative center stretches on 2,5 km and is solved like Champs Elysee in Paris - a huge avenue, flanked on both sides by the pedestrian alleys. The axis leads from the building of the President's Administration to the Ministry of the Oil Industry and serves not only for transportation but also for holding of parades, mass festivities and celebrations. The axis itself is proposed in reverse (theatrical) perspective to create effective illusion and monumental scene.

The President's Administration (President's Palace Ak Orda) is situated on the artificial semi-island which was created especially for this function.